Apart from our series of bi-monthly seminars, the Rotary Club of Washington Global organizes other events on a regular basis. Some of these events are for group service activities. Others help in building awareness of specific issues or of Rotary itself. Below are selected events organized since the creation of the club in March 2020.


April-May 2020: Coronavirus Crisis Webinar Series


The series is organized by the Rotary Satellite Club of Washington Global - Montgomery County, MD. It aims to build awareness of the potential impact of the coronavirus crisis, how Rotarians can help, and how we can cope with the implications of the crisis in our own lives. The first seminar in the series on April 5 is on STRESS – The Mind/Body Connection and How We Can Stay Sane with Naheed Oberfeld, a mindset coach for success and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) practitioner. The flier for the webinar is available here. To register for the seminar, please fill this form.


March 6, 2020 - Event on equality for education at the World Bank for International Women’s Day


Members of our club helped organize a Rotary International/ Global Partnership for Education event at the World Bank on education for equality ahead of International Women’s Day. Some 200 people participated in the event, with many more attending online. Speakers included Keiko Miwa (Regional Director for Human Development in the Middle East & North Africa Region at the World Bank), Alice Albright (CEO of the Global Partnership for Education), Geeta Manek (Incoming Trustee of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International), Carolyn Johnson (Rotary leader for the Guatemala Literacy Project), and Brenda Erickson (Rotary leader for the Project “Souns” in South Africa, Puerto Rico and the US). The lead organizer for the event was Clara Montanez from the Rotary Club of Bethesda Chevy Chase. Brief videos recorded after the event by our club with Geeta, Carolyn, and Brenda are available on the Stories page of our website

The full recording of the event itself is available here.

Alice Albright, CEO of the GPE
Carolyn Johnson, Brenda Erickson, and Geeta Manek
Participants at the event
Members of the Rotary Club of Washington Global
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